Christmas broth and Carn d'olla

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Ingredients to prepare the broth:

2 potatoes | 1 branch of celery | 3 carrots | 1 small cabbage | 100 g of chickpeas | 2 chicken thighs | 2 white bones salted pork | 1 piece of veal (hock) | 1 black sausage | 1 white sausage | 200 grams of large pellets | pilota*

* Ingredients to make the "pilota":

250g of minced meat | 100g of bread crumbs | 80g of white flour | a pair of garlic and fresh chopped parsley | 1 egg.

Drain well the chickpeas that a day before we would have soaked and put them in a large pot with water and salt, add the chicken, beef, bones and let it cook over medium heat.

Meanwhile we will prepare the "ball", they can be many little ones or a big one as a bar that, once cooked, we can cut slices to serve. We will put the minced meat in a big bowl and mix it with the bread crumbs, the egg, the garlic and the chopped parsley. We will knead everything very well and we will make the balls of the size that we want, then we will flour them and add them to the pot.

After about three quarters of an hour, the broth will be ready and it will only be necessary to strain it in another pot to separate the "carn d'olla" from the broth, in which we cook the galets.

In a tray place the potatoes, cabbage and carrots, all cut into pieces, with chickpeas, sausages, chicken and beef.

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