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The smell of gunpowder floods the streets of Sitges, the notes that come out of the grallas put your hair on end, the final traca of Castell de Foc makes your heart beat at the same pace, the dances spread their joy for where they pass ... an explosion of emotional sensations invade everyone, sitgetanos or not. Perhaps because of this, who lives the Festa Major repeats whenever he can.

For those who have not yet enjoyed these magical days, we summarize a little of what is going on, although theirs is to live this unforgettable experience to which you are all invited.

The Festa Major
is the largest festival of Sitges, declared of national interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya. It takes place between 21 and August 27 in honor of St. Bartholomew. Its most traditional events are concentrated in so-called 36 hours of 23 and 24 August. The main protagonists of the festival of Sitges are the Giants “Vila” Moros Giants, American Giants, bigheaded, the Colla Vella and Diables Colla Jove de Sitges, the Colla de Diables Dance Association Popular Sitges (ABPS), the Dragon, the Eagle, the Cercolets the ABPS, Dance canes Sitges, Dance of the ABPS Tambourines, Dance ribbons ABPS, the Dance of the Shepherds of ABPS, Dance of BT Gypsy, Gypsy Dance of the ABPS, the Castellers Colla Jove de Sitges, Sitges Moixiganga, musicians and thousands of people take to the streets with his straw hat, a scarf covering his nose and desire to binge.

To make it not extensive, we speak of the most emblematic events of the Festival of Sitges and we recommend the free subscription to the newsletter of Love Sitges to keep abreast of all events and local festivals.

Gralles entry, August 23 at 12 noon every step Sitgetans and people go out to enjoy traditional and emotional input gralles, going up the street to the Plaza San Francisco Cap de la Vila.

Outputs and processions, on 23 and 24 August, the central streets of Sitges, with the participation of all actors mentioned before.

Fireworks display on the evening of August 23, at 23h. For Love Sitges is the castle of fire has the best stage in the world, Sitges, its tip, the jetty and the sea full of little boats while illuminating his dark emotional expressions of admiration of the people occupying the whole walk is heard.

One of the most emotional moments of the Sitges Festa Major is the Final Dance, August 24 at night. Tribute to the image of St. Bartholomew in the church, all while dancing dances, fireworks, the last power of the beasts of fire, the final dance of the giant ... and ringing bells to put skin hen all.

The celebration of Santa Tecla in Sitges features the same events that the festival, but with the difference that named “small party” is closely linked to childhood, so there are many acts intended for children. Of all these events, the most anticipated by children is undoubtedly the morning, where children go out with their giant, their beasts of fire and dancing folk dances as well as do large, showing that Sitges have ensured continuity and Santa Tecla Festival for many years.

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