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Anecdotes and curiosities about pirates in Sitges

There are many stories about pirates and bandits in the area of Sitges, here we tell you one that explains where the name comes from the beach of the Frigate.Around the year 1700, the entire Mediterranean coast was affected by pirate attacks and Sitg...

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Santiago Rusiñol explains how he fell in love with Sitges

The Book of Sitges by Ramon Planes picks up the words of Santiago Rusiñol that explain how and why he fell in love with Sitges. A 1892 text that we find fragmented in the sculpture plate that represents the two artists located in the Paseo de ...

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Curiosities about Sitges Carnival

The Sitges Carnival is full of curious, funny and interesting anecdotes, for sure, but today we will tell you what we think is most important: How did the Sitges Carnival become so famous?The Sitges Carnival began to acquire fame and notoriety at the...

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Did you know that Sitges is the location in Spain that has more marinas?

Indeed, Sitges is the only town in Spain that has three marinas and, in addition, they have all the services and all three and they have the distinctive Blue Flag.Each port has its personality, its own personality and its particular charm:- Port Gine...

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¿Conoces la interesante historia llena de curiosidades de Les Botigues de Sitges?

Les Botigues de Sitges contains an exciting history full of curiosities. Here we tell you what we have been able to find out, if you are knowledgeable about its history, do not hesitate to contact us to extend this interesting information.Les Botigue...

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Cuatro jóvenes de Sitges crean una pólemica aplicación para ligar

Un grupo de cuatro jóvenes de Sitges lanzó la aplicación el pasado mes de mayo. La aplicación, llamada Flirtex, es noticia por una serie de innovaciones, algunas no exentas de polémica, que a continuación det...

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o Arriba A Sitges 1

Do you know where the tradition of Tió comes from?

Surely all the children of Catalonia are looking forward to arrive Christmas Day when Tió will shit their gifts, but this was not always the case ... A lot of years ago, this celebration was very different, it consisted in a ritual to bring ab...

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The origin of all the Chiringuitos is in Sitges

The origin of the word Chiringuito, famous and international, associated with the summer, the sun and the beach ... is in Sitges!Here you will find, still in full activity, the first chiringuito of history, in the middle of the walk of Sitges. It was...

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The first pacha in the world

It all started in Sitges ...On July 22, 1967 Ricardo Urgell opened the doors of the world's first Pacha, in the Vallpineda urbanization of Sitges. The mythical cherries, mistresses and ladies of the night, who now have a presence in 11 countries were...

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Cuban Essence in Sitges

Strolling around Sitges, it is inevitable to find ostentatious modernist or neoclassical houses impregnated with the Cuban essence of the eighteenth century. An architectural style that beautifies the streets of Sitges and awakens the curiosity of ma...

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Remembering 1st edition of the Sitges Film Festival

Did you know that the first fantastic film festival in the world was held in Sitges?Yes, the famous International Fantàstic Film Festival of Catalonia held in Sitges is the first in the world and now it celebrates 50 years old.Looking back and...

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s Sobre Sitges

The longest table in the world.

It has been a long time since that October 4, 1986, when Sitges entered the famous Guinness Book of Records with the longest table in the world. Organized by Foment de Turisme de Sitges, the event gathered 6300 diners seated along a spectacular 2400 ...

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Did you know that 2 Festa Major were held at the same time in Sitges?

Yes, yes, as it is, surprising but it is so. A long time ago, in the year 1877, two parallel parties were held in Sitges, one organized by the Casino Prado Suburense and another by the Sociedad Recreacion El Retiro. All this was due to the great ri...

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The legend of the Malvasía de Sitges

Legend has it that the first sprouts of Malvasia arrived in Sitges from the hand of an almogávar who, in the early 14th century, accompanied Roger de Flor to the eastern Mediterranean to fight against the Turks who besieged the Byzantine Empir...

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A little bit of San Sebastián in Sitges

Did you know that in Sitges we have a bit of the famous white railing of the beach of La Concha de San Sebastián?The Town Hall of this city of San Sebastián gave in Sitges the replica of a small piece of this well-known railing for the ...

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La leyenda del Pas de la Mala Dona

One of the legends about Sitges says ...The Masia de Campdàsens belonged formerly to a family whose eldest son, Rafel, lost his sight because of a fight with bandits. His parents, worried about their future after going blind, decided half of t...

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Autódromo del Terramar

Did you know that the Autodromo del Terramar is one of the oldest in Europe that remains intact?The Autodromo de Terramar, inaugurated on November 28, 1923 in the municipality of Sant Pere de Ribes, was part of the City - Garden project that Francisc...

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The mechanic of Sitges with more active years

Suburense d’Automòbil opened its doors as an International Workshop, being the oldest workshop in Sitges that is still open. But you can not tell this story without paying a well-deserved tribute to Paco Gorjón, who is now the mec...

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