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Teléfono: 629 38 36 34

Dirección: Entrega a domicilio - Particulares y empresas | 08006 Barcelona

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SUPRALIMENT, S.L. is a company dedicated to the distribution, import and export of agri-food products.
The extensive experience of our team in the food sector means that we are able to locate any type of product, offering a wide range of sizes and presentations, as well as a selection of the best, giving them the appropriate treatment for distribution anywhere in the world. HORECA channel of national geography or its export to other countries.
The value for money of our products is excellent, thanks to the agreements reached with our suppliers, both nationally and internationally.

Meat Products (fresh and frozen). All kinds of cuts and cuts. Always packed and complying with European regulations


- National, European, Argentine production and other countries
- Suckling calf / veal / yearling / steer / ox

National pig

- White and Iberian

Suckling / lamb

- National production and imported products from New Zealand and South America

Birds and Rabbits

- National Production. White, yellow and pagès chicken
- Rabbit, quail, turkey and processed

Exotic products

- Import products from different countries
- KOBE, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Hunting products, etc.

Processed meat products

- Butifarras, skewers, croquettes, scallops and all kinds of elaborated according to the needs of our clients

Italian products

-Fresh pasta, fresh and cured cheeses, Sausages, Balsamic Vinegar.

Greek Products

-Cheese, Hummus, Pita Bread, Yogurt, Olives, etc.

TEX-MEX Products

-Nachos and its different sauces.

Dairy products

-Great variety of cheeses, butter and cream of national and imported production.

Iberian sausages

-Hams, shoulders, chorizo, etc.

Traditional sausages

-Cured ham, cooked ham, sausage etc.

Duck Products

-Imported products from France (Foies, Magret, etc).

Barbecue Products

-Selection of special products for your barbecues.

Supermarket products

-Selection of products packed especially for supermarkets

Salted products

-Salmon, cod, olives, etc.

Products Fourth range

-Natural fresh products cut and ready to cook Potatoes, garlic, etc.

Fifth range products.

-Cooked products. Just warm up. Ready to serve.



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