Sitges Carnival

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Incredible show that floods the streets of Sitges creativity, color and fun. Maundy Thursday all begins with the arrival of His Majesty Carnival took command of Sitges and seduces us with her Predicot a satirical sermon read from the balcony of City Hall. Throughout the week we have fun with their original “performances” often improvised in the street, in schools, centers for the elderly, the municipal market... If the most brazen of Sitges Carnival is represented by His Majesty Carnival, the most glamorous and full of beauty is represented by the Sitges Carnival Queen and her entourage.

Sunday and Tuesday are the strongest days of Carnival in Sitges, where you can enjoy parades, an impressive display of creativity in the costumes, fancy models with careful makeup, feathers and sequins, with fascinating choreography; also funny and irreverent characters that stand out for their originality and the ability to mount a real theatrical show in the middle of Rua. And all framed by the music carnavalera and pounds and pounds of paper. The Sitges Carnival floats equipped with powerful sound equipment, and some are accompanied by live music by local musicians and batucada.

Everything ends Ash Wednesday, when His Majesty Carnival dies. The Sitges Carnival farewell with a grotesque funeral ceremony featured the reading of the will of His Majesty Carnival, the original layout of his last wishes.

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